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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to sign-up for the award program?

Signing up for the award program is FREE!

How much do these programs cost?

Many of these programs are free for registered students at UC San Diego. Some programs do have a cost – if there is a cost, it will say it in the description.

When can I begin attending these programs after I have registered?

You can start attending these programs immediately! You don’t need to wait for a confirmation e-mail from anyone to begin.

How long do I have to complete the program?

All participants have the full academic year to complete the program requirements.

How do I receive credit for attending a program?

Participants receive credit when they log their program attendance. Participants are encouraged to log each program as soon as possible after attending. Visit the My Progress tab for more information.

If a class or workshop is listed under more than one area, do I get credit within each of those areas? (For example: FitStop Fitness Assessment is listed under Intellectual Wellness and Physical Wellness — would this class count for both areas?)

Some programs are listed within multiple areas because they relate to each area in some way. However, participants may only fulfill one area per program they attend; for example, FitStop Fitness Assessment can fulfill either Physical Wellness or Intellectual Wellness, but not both.

Some classes and workshops seem to take place on numerous days throughout the quarter — does this mean that I have to attend every day that is listed?

Typically, if a program lists multiple dates, this will mean that you only need to attend one of the dates to fulfill the requirement. However, some programs specify in the description that weekly attendance is mandatory, and for those offerings you must attend all dates to receive credit towards the requirement.

Do I need the hosts of programs to sign-off on anything to confirm my attendance at each program?

No, all you need to do is log each program in the Progress Tracker (please see the next question).

How can I check on my progress and see what areas I still have to complete?

Participants should keep track of their progress by logging each program they attend. Participants are encouraged to log each program as soon as possible after attending. Click here to download the Progress Tracker to keep record of your programs.

What if I can’t attend any of the programs on the schedule this quarter?

A new schedule will be available every quarter so if you aren’t able to make it this quarter, you still have the rest of the year to see if you can make the requirements. If you cannot fulfill a certain requirement due to schedule conflicts, check the schedule for the following quarter and there will most likely be an option that you can attend. Updated schedules will be available around finals week of each quarter.

If you find yourself with schedule conflicts at the end of the academic year, contact the Program Manager, Zarah Rubio at zrubio@ucsd.edu to discuss alternative opportunities.

How do I redeem my award?

Please send your completed Progress Tracker and your Reflection Paper to zrubio@ucsd.edu. You will receive an e-mail confirming your completion of the program and will be sent a link for the Exit Evaluation and details to redeem your award.

Have a question that’s not listed? Contact the Program Manager, Zarah Rubio, at zrubio@ucsd.edu. ​