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Current Schedule

Important Notes:

  • Participants may attend any programs of their choosing to fulfill the areas listed above (regardless of program length, time, location, cost, etc.)
  • Participants may only fulfill one area per program they attend, even though many programs can fulfill a variety of areas (ex: FitStop Fitness Assessment can fulfill either Physical Wellness or Intellectual Wellness, but not both)
  • Keep track of the programs you attend by downloading the progress tracker.
  • Many workshops also count towards credit in the CSI-Communication & Leadership iLead program. Sign up for iLead today and be on your way to earning two certificates at the same time!
  • If you attend an event on campus that you believe may qualify for the Well-Being Leadership Award but is not currently listed on the schedule, you may submit a request for the program to be approved. Please submit your request to the Well-Being Leadership Coordinator, Kevin Gaw, at zone@ucsd.edu to see if the program can be approved for a specific wellness category.  In order to be approved, please include the following information about the event: the event title, date/time, location, wellness category (i.e. financial, environmental, etc.) and why you believe it fits into that category, and one thing you learned from attending the event.