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The Zone: Price Center Plaza, next to Jamba Juice
Hours: Monday & Friday: 9:30am ā€“ 5pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 9:30am ā€“ 7pm (Closed Saturdays & Sundays)
Phone: (858) 534-5553

Well-Being Award Testimonials

Nancy Fong

Human Biology & Psychology, Class of 2014

"The diversity in programs and professionals brings another dimension (or another 8 dimensions, haha) to UCSD, one which emphasizes the importance of well-being outside of standard understanding of health."

Shawn Chiang

Biochemistry, Class of 2014

"The Well-being Leadership Award program has not only allowed me to develop healthy habits for my personal gain, but it also provided me with essential skills to succeed as a student leader at UC San Diego."

Amanda Shelton

Human Biology, Class of 2016

"As a transfer student I felt overwhelmed and lost my first year at UCSD. This program helped me find my place by showing me the opportunities available to me and also introducing me to my peers."

Melissa Gomez

Structural Engineering, Class of 2017

"These skills have taught me how to make relationships effectively, how to maintain exercise and good eating habits, how to deal with stress, how to manage time, and to remind myself that I am important."

Needhee Solanki

Cognitive Science, Class of 2014

"Between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life, many college students feel they can't really find the time to keep up on their personal health and wellness until an illness catches hold and stops them in their tracks. Personally, I have made a physical health a priority for a while now, but a wellness goal Iā€™m working on is balance between all the dimensions I learned about while partaking in this program.    This program opened my eyes to the wellness dimensions and just how far it expands beyond physical and mental health. In society, we all work towards security and by achieving balance in all the areas of wellness, we are also giving ourselves the security we yearn. I will never again underestimate how much maintaining balance contributes to living life successfully and productively."

Vanna Som

Political Science, Class of 2014

"I enjoyed it so much and I learned a lot. It was very fun and I discovered a lot and became more knowledgeable about the 8 dimensions. It made me a well-rounded person."

Ritu Patel

Human Biology, Class of 2017

"As a result of participating in this program, I have learned how to balance different aspects of my life in a way that makes me happier and healthier."

Quinn Wong

Biochemistry/Chemistry, Class of 2017

"I learned how to look for work, communicate more effectively, and most importantly work as a team."

Stephanie Harn

Human Biology, Class of 2017

"The program sounds so simple and many people easily overlook it, but if you take the time to go out to just one workshop, you are sure to learn at least one new tip."