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Love on a Leash - Pet Therapy Visit Requests

Therapy Fluffies is brought to you by the gracious volunteers at Love On A Leash (LOAL). Please note that if you have previously requested Therapy Fluffies in the past, requests have changed to a new format.

Visit the Therapy Fluffies every week at The Zone on Thursdays from 1:30pm - 2:30pm!

Information about Pet Therapy Visit Requests

To request therapy fluffies for your event, please contact the Love on a Leash Visit Captain, Andra Lew, at kalanilew@yahoo.com with the Request for Pet Therapy Fluffies information below.

**All outreaches must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance. All requests may not be able to be met due to the high volume of requests. All requests are up to the discretion of the Therapy Fluffies Coordinator.

  • LENGTH OF OUTREACH: 1 - 1.5 hours max, to be determined by the LOAL Coordinator and the event coordinator (while it may not look like it’s a lot of work, the dogs get tired after 1.5 hours maximum).
  • COST: The Pet Therapy Teams are volunteers, there is no charge for their visits.
  • PARKING: Therapy dog volunteers will need free reserved parking provided near the event location, along with driving/parking directions to campus and to the event. This will be requested if your Request for Pet Therapy Fluffies is approved.

Request for Pet Therapy Visit:

**NOTE: Make sure to send all the requested information Request for Pet Therapy Fluffies below, or you will be re-directed back to this website.
  • Have you visited The Zone or an Finals Extravaganza De-stress Pet Therapy Event?
  • Contact Person:
  • Back up Contact Person:
  • Organization/Department FULL Name:
  • E-mail (Personal):
  • Back up Contact E-mail (Personal):
  • Phone CELL Number:
  • Back up Phone CELL Number:
  • Name of Program:
  • Date of Program:
  • Time that you would like Therapy Fluffies to attend (include beginning and end time):
  • Location full name:
  • Size of room:
  • Estimated # of Attendees:
  • Event Description:
  • Additional comments/requests:

    Please also answer the following questions and include in your e-mail:

    1. Will event be outside? If so, can you provide 2 canopies (pop-ups) for shade for the dogs?
    2. Can you provide RESERVED parking for the volunteers if pet therapy visit is during week?
    3. Can you provide water and water bowls for the dogs?
    4. Can you provide chairs for the handler's to sit on?
    5. Will there be food and/or music?
         NOTE: If there are food/snacks involved, please make sure it is set up AWAY from the Therapy Fluffies and that students do not eat while petting the dogs. NO balloons or anything that could cause a loud noise and startle the dogs.

    Thank you for your interest in bringing Therapy Fluffies to UC San Diego!