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Meet Our Team

​​​​​​2018-2019 Student Staff

Crystal Jiao 

Kat Chen: Senior Lead & Programming Team Lead

College: Sixth
Year: 4th Year
Major: Computer Science - Mathematics
Favorite Wellness Tip: Focus on treating yourself once in a while, you don't always have to put yourself out there.
Fun Factoid: I'm Canadian!

Krezia Savella 

Vanessa Wong: Graphic Design Team Lead

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year 
Major: Visual Arts - Speculative Design
Minor: Business
Favorite Wellness Tip: Take care of yourself so you can be at your best for others.
Fun Factoid: I am super into traveling and exploring places. I had been on a trip where I visited 9 states in one week before.

Amy Truong     

Amy Truong: Programming Assistant

College: Marshall 
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Psychology
Favorite Wellness Tip: Self-compassion is so important! Treat yourself with the same kindness that you would extend to your best friend. You deserve it!
Fun Factoid: I once got a concussion while chasing after a cat.

Desirae Mcneil.jpg 

Catherine Cortez: Programming Assistant​

College: Marshall 
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Public Service
Favorite Wellness Tip: Mental health plays an essential role in overall health. It's incredibly important to prioritize mental self-care and support the mental health of others.
Fun Factoid: I collect regional shopping bags from Trader Joe's.

Emily Nguyen 

Eden Allegretti: Programming Assistant​

College: Marshall
Year: 2nd Year 
Major: Sociology and Political Science Public Law
Favorite Wellness Tip: Start your day with some time outside and be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. It is the best thing you can do for your mental and physical health!
Fun Factoid: My roommate and I have dance parties every night to relieve stress from the day!

Ethan Co 

Emily Nguyen: Programming Assistant

College: Muir
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Undeclared
Favorite Wellness Tip: Sleep a minimum of 7 hours!
Fun Factoid: I used to swim competitively in high school! Also, I can sometimes make water droplet sounds with my mouth.

Katherine Chen 

Essie Deiranieh: Graphic Design Assistant

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year  
Major: Public Health
Minor: Environmental Science  
Favorite Wellness Tip: Don't be afraid to smile and say hello to strangers you cross paths with!
Fun Factoid: I've been on the zero waste journey for 3 years and I love to scuba dive to help clean plastic pollution.

Kimberly Hui 

Ferris Yeh: Graphic Design Assistant

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year
Major: Speculative Design
Minor: Design 
Favorite Wellness Tip: Drink water, stay moisturized, and stretch every morning!
Fun Factoid: I love watching horror films (even though I'm terrified throughout all of the movie).

 Kylie Pham 

Jacqueline Lee: Graphic Design Assistant

College: Muir
Year: 4th Year
Major: Visual Arts - ICAM
Minor: Design
Favorite Wellness Tip: A cup of tea is a cup of peace.
Fun Factoid: I love green tea so much that I would eat loose tea leaves as snacks (also a secret habit of mine that not many people know of :P).

Nighlah Kisswani.JPG 

Nighlah Kisswani: Programming Assistant

College: Marshall
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Chicanx/Latinx Arts and Humanities 
Favorite Wellness Tip: Sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is for the healthy!
Fun Factoid: I've watched all 20 seasons of Law & Order: SVU.

Vanessa Wong 

Sallie Lu: Web & Marketing Assistant

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Music
Favorite Wellness Tip: Deep breaths and baby steps.
Fun Factoid: I'm obsessed with cheesecake.

Crystal Jiao 

Sarah Ji: Programming Assistant

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year
Major: Mathematics - Computer Science
Favorite Wellness Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for help. Make sure to take care of yourself and put your health and well-being first.
Fun Factoid: I'm a big fan of Carly Rae Jepsen and I think she is extremely underrated in the pop music industry.

Krezia Savella 

Triston Bowe: Programming Assistant

College: Marshall
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Sociology
Favorite Wellness Tip: Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly with your eyes closed, focusing on nothing other than the pleasant sensation it brings to the different parts of your body. 
Fun Factoid: I have 9 brothers and sisters.

Professional Staff

Zarah Rubio

Zarah Rubio: Program Manager

Background: Zarah is a UC San Diego alumna where she received a BS in Public Health. She has a passion for health and public service. While at UC San Diego, she was involved in student initiated organizations that promoted student organizing and advocated for educational equity and social justice. She has over six years of experience in educational programming at a higher education setting, working at the Student Promoted Access Center for Education & Service (SPACES) and CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center. As The Zone's Program Manager, she manages the daily operations of center, supervises the student staff, and oversees the programming, marketing, and outreach efforts of the Zone.
Favorite Wellness Tip: Start and end each day with gratitude. Reminding yourself of things you are grateful for can do wonders for your happiness and overall health & well-being. 
Fun Factoid: I love the ocean and animals; I once swam with whale sharks!