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Guest Testimonials


Paige H

Expected Graduation: 2018 meditation at the zone

The Zone is a wonderful resource that has helped me in concrete ways, and I spend much of my time there. The Zone has been a space for relaxation, for quiet study, and for self-care. Weekly meditations help me find my balance, the R&R Squad helps me feel ready to take on the week, and the notes and tips left around the whole of The Zone encourage me to be gentle with myself and to seek help during bad days.


Brian Kumagai

Expected Graduation: 2018 therapy fluffy

The Zone is my favorite place to relax on campus. Not only does the setup allow for many different things, such as reading, sleeping, working or drawing, but the free tea is very nice on a cold or stressful day. The employees working at The Zone are all very nice, and always looking to answer questions you may have. I personally am an avid lover of the Therapy Fluffies program, because petting dogs for an hour keeps the homesickness away. If that weren't enough, The Good Life Festival was awesome! 10/10 will hang out next year, constantly recommending.


Shanel Xian

Expected Graduation: 2017 zone art class
The Zone is my favorite place on campus because of its free resources and welcoming atmosphere. I love spending time at The Zone--it makes my UCSD experience so much more rewarding, and I tell my friends all about it!


Sam Andico

Expected Graduation: 2016 hanging out at the zone
The Zone is one of the hidden gems of UCSD. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and the programs offered have helped me improve the way I live. The atmosphere is in no way judgmental and it's always nice to stop by, check in, and plop down on a bean bag to take a nap between classes! I always recommend The Zone to my friends who need a new place to de-stress or study. Thank you so much for everything you do for the student body!


Alexander Boyd

Major: Nanoengineering  College: Revelle  Expected Graduation: 2016 fitness



Alexander's favorite Zone programs: Therapy Fluffies, FitStop Physical Fitness Assessment, The Fitness Zone, Tai Chi


Avihai Guzy

Major: Bioengineering - Biotechnology  College: Marshall  Expected Graduation: 2014 tai chi at the zone


​"Particularly the biofeedback program offered by the Zone had a very positive impact on my experience at UCSD. Biofeedback helped me learn how to better listen to my body so that I could take better care of myself. This then extended to assist me in my academic success. Meditation at the Zone brought up new meditation methods that I now utilize in my daily life. The tea at the Zone helped me get over the final hump with my illness a few weeks back. The people at the Zone are great and I love the bean bag chairs! Great place to relax, take a nap, or study. Good music and good vibes every day!"

Avihai's favorite Zone programs: R&R Squad, Meditation, Therapy Fluffies, De-stress with Biofeedback, Tai Chi


Nancy Fong

Major: Human Biology, Psychology  College: Muir  Expected Graduation: 2014 R and R squad at the zone


"I love the atmosphere, the space, and the new friends that I meet!"

Nancy's favorite Zone programs: R&R Squad, Meditation, The Fitness Zone



Major: Political Science  College: Marshall  Expected Graduation: 2013


zone bean bags"I remember wandering into the zone when I had free time after a class in PC Theater. Best exploratory accident ever! They have wonderful welcoming staff that makes UCSD feel like a small tight knit community, not to mention amazing bean bag chairs to nap in. I think everyone at UCSD should spend some time in the Zone: whether it be to recharge your laptop battery or your physical/ psychological battery."

Lauren's favorite Zone programs: R&R Squad, Tasty Tuesday, Therapy Fluffies, De-stress with Biofeedback


Ian Howard

Major: Psychology  College: Marshall  Expected Graduation: 2013 therapy fluffies and student


"I love how the Zone promotes wellness for all UCSD students. It's a great place to host workshops as CAPS Wellness Peer Educator, yet it's also great to participate in workshops. It's such a relaxing, chill, and educational environment. It's refreshing to know there's a place for me to take care of myself and get away from the stress of school even if it's for a little while. The workshops, the people who work there, and the atmosphere are all awesome. I am thankful for the Zone and am glad to have been able to enjoy it as an undergrad."

Ian's favorite Zone programs: R&R Squad, Tasty Tuesday, Therapy Fluffies, De-stress with Biofeedback


Voula Athens

Meditation Instructor


meditation"I see the Zone as a great place for students to try something that promotes wellness that they may not have tried if a fee was involved. Several students come back for meditation; others come in to 'check it out' out of curiosity. The space is peaceful, attractive and the interns influence the mood of the room. Overall, teaching meditation there has been a great experience!"

Voula's favorite Zone program: Meditation



Major: Neuroscience  College: Muir  EAP Studentmeditation pose


"Perfect introduction to the practice of meditation. Vou is a great teacher: thoughtful, friendly and always willing to discuss techniques and give more information to the students. I highly recommend this class and the instructor!"

Ben's favorite Zone program: Meditation

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