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Meet Our Team


​​​​​​2017-2018 Student Staff

Crystal Jiao 

Crystal Jiao: Graphic Design Lead

College: Marshall
Year: 4th Year
Major: International Business
Minor: Computer Science, Music
Favorite Wellness Tip: Take one step at a time; succeeding in small goals will lead to successes in bigger goals!
Fun Factoid: I'm Canadian. Forever.

Krezia Savella 

Krezia Savella: Programming/Senior Lead

College: Sixth 
Year: 4th Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Communications 
Favorite Wellness Tip: Mental health is just as important as physical health. Don't forget to treat yourself, because you deserve it!
Fun Factoid: I am prescribed to only wear one contact. So yes, I get a double supply of contacts!

Cynthia Avalos

Cynthia Avalos: Programming

College: Muir
Year: 4th year 
Major: Biochemistry and Cellular Biology
Favorite Wellness Tip: "Live life with a purpose and always find time for the things that make you happy."
Fun Factoid: I love thrill seeking adventures such as skydiving and getting on roller coasters!

Desirae Mcneil.jpg 

Desirae McNeil: Programming​

College: Marshall
Year: 4th year 
Major: Psychology
Favorite Wellness Tip: Health is not just about what you're eating. It's also about what you're thinking and saying. Don't let stress and negativity get to you. Have a positive mindset!
Fun Factoid: I am a huge fan od Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit movies.

Emily Nguyen 

Emily Nguyen: Programming​

College: Muir
Year: 1st Year 
Major: Undeclared
Favorite Wellness Tip: Sleep a minimum of 7 hours!
Fun Factoid: I used to swim competitively in high school! Also, I can sometimes make water droplet sounds with my mouth.

Ethan Co 

Ethan Co: Programming

College: Marshall
Year: 2nd Year
Major: General Biology
Favorite Wellness Tip: Maintaining a well-balanced diet and sleeping schedule is key!
Fun Factoid: I love to dance and practice with my team in the parking garage.

Katherine Chen 

Katherine Chen: Programming

College: Sixth 
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Computer Science - Mathematics 
Favorite Wellness Tip: Focus on treating yourself once in a while, you don't always have to put yourself out there.
Fun Factoid: I'm Canadian!

Kimberly Hui 

Kimberly Hui: Programming

College: ERC 
Year: 4th Year 
Major: Environmental Systems
Favorite Wellness Tip: Always keep improving yourself, even if it's a little bit! 
Fun Factoid: I went scuba diving once and that's when I found out I was scared of fish. I was really paranoid that they would eat me!

 Kylie Pham 

Kylie Pham: Programming

College: Sixth
Year: 4th 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Global Health  
Favorite Wellness Tip: I cannot stress enough how important it is to take good care of yourself and your mental health no matter how busy you become; your body will thank you for it.
Fun Factoid: The first and last time I went skiing, I crashed into a tree and have not enjoyed a winter sport ever since.

Nighlah Kisswani.JPG 

Nighlah Kisswani: Programming

College: Marshall
Year: 2nd Year 
Major: Public Health
Minor: Ethnic Studies
Favorite Wellness Tip: Sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is for the healthy!
Fun Factoid: I've watched all 18 seasons of Law & Order: SVU.

Triston Bowe 

Triston Bowe: Programming

College: Marshall
Year: 2nd Year 
Major: Sociology
Favorite Wellness Tip: Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly with your eyes closed, focusing on nothing other than the pleasant sensation it brings to the different parts of your body. 
Fun Factoid: I have 9 brothers and sisters.

Vanessa Wong 

Vanessa Wong: Graphic Design​

College: Sixth 
Year: 3rd Year 
Major: Visual Arts - Speculative Design 
Minor: Business 
Favorite Wellness Tip: Take care of yourself so you can be at your best for others.
Fun Factoid: I am super into traveling and exploring places. I had been on a trip where I visited 9 states in one week before.

Vivian Nguyen.jpg 

Vivian Nguyen: Graphic Design 

College: Warren
Year: 4th Year 
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Psychology
Favorite Wellness Tip: (Zone Tip #53) Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.
Fun Factoid: My friends think I look like Chicken Little.

Professional Staff

Zarah Rubio

Zarah Rubio: Program Manager

Background: I have a passion for health and public service. I am a UC San Diego alumna where I received a BS in Public Health. While at UCSD, I was involved in student initiated organizations that promoted student organizing and advocated for educational equity and social justice. I've had over five years of experience in educational programming at a higher education setting, working at the Student Promoted Access Center for Education & Service (SPACES) and CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center. As Program Manager, I manage the daily operations of center, supervise the student staff, and oversee the programming, marketing, and outreach efforts of the Zone.
Favorite Wellness Tip: Start and end each day with gratitude. Reminding yourself of things you are grateful for can do wonders for your happiness and overall health & well-being. 
Fun Factoid: I love the ocean and animals; I once swam with whale sharks!