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Wellness Cen​​ter Building Campaign

The wellness center will provide opportunities to develop healthy students and graduates who will impact the lives of countless people beyond our classrooms. Resilient, whole and vibrant students will be prepared to shape a challenging and demanding world. The University of California, San Diego develops the mind, body and spirit of the student. We are committed to the "whole person."
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Our goal is to create a Wellness Center to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual, ethical, occupational, social and intellectual needs of a diverse student population. Our students will be able to put their wellness goals into action in a centralized location, where complementary physical and programmatic resources are marshaled under one roof. By locating a multidisciplinary team of professionals here, services will be collaboratively developed, provided and evaluated in an efficient and effective manner - a team approach integrated with broader student life initiatives supporting personal development, academics and career advancement.

A Cente​​r at the Heart of Student Campus Life

A Center at the Heart of Student Campus Life Designed for the healthy as well as those in need, the Wellness Center at UCSD will have a positive atmosphere, without the potential for negative stigma attached to seeking personal help or fulfillment. The Center's physical manifestation - adjacent to the campus' Main Gym complex - is currently designated in UCSD's Long Range Development Plan. It is part of neighborhood of student services on the west side of campus including the Women's Center, the Student Center, LGBT Resource Office, the Main Gym, The Grove Cafe, the University Art Gallery and the Muir Campus. In proximity to these services, we can more effectively attract students to the following services, which has been proven to be very popular in campus communities around the country.

  • Health Education
  • Recreation
  • Personal Wellness
  • Counseling and Psychological Services

Support U​C San Diego Well-Being

We need your help to identify partners who can support the Wellness Center programmatically or to help fund the building. Ready to give? Contact Diana Barnard, Director of Development, Athletics and Health, Recreation & Well-Being by email or (858) 534-3540 on how to support this effort. You may also give now by accessing our secure online giving page