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Student Health Services
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Staff Led Workshops

CARRS: College Alcohol Risk Reduction Seminar explores improving decision making when it comes to alcohol, what alcohol does to the body, how behavior is affected, and so much more. View available dates and sign up online.

Floaties: Using the UC San Diego Bystander Intervention Techniques model, the Floaties Program covers alcohol (and to a lesser extent drug) risk reduction and bystander intervention techniques. This FREE program includes how to set and know your own limits, as well as information and skills to keep your friends "afloat". This workshop will cover protective strategies as well as how to identify a friend in need of help, and what to do. To request this workshop, please contact a Health Educator at (858) 534-3874.


Peer Educator Led Workshops


  • Alcohol Jeopardy: Learn about alcohol facts, alcohol effects, alcohol + college life, and more in this interactive and fun game modeled after the famous TV show.
  • Weed It Out: An interactive, highly competitive program exploring important facts about marijuana gathered from the latest research studies. You have to dig deep to get it all!
  • Jeopardy: Drugs Remixed: Learn about marijuana, study drugs, ecstasy, and many others through an exciting game of Jeopardy.


  • Life in Stress Lane: Participants will learn a variety of healthy ways to handle stress through a series of fun activities and group discussions.
  • Nutrition Jeopardy: Learn about eating healthy when cooking in or eating out and discover new facts about important nutrients needed for a balanced diet.
  • ZZZs = Degrees: Learn why sleep is so important for cognitive performance, academic success, and overall health as you engage in interactive activities.  Discover useful tips to help you get a good night's sleep. 


  • Frisky Not Risky: Learn about the basics of sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission, protection, and how to talk to partners about safer sex.
  • Birth Control Basics: Learn about 11 types of birth control, how they work, and how effective they are in preventing pregnancy.
  • Sexual Jeopardy: This program teaches participants about essential sexual health information including STIs, birth control, anatomy, and more!

Click here ‚Äč to request one of the above FREE workshops facilitated by our Student Health Advocates.