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Student Health Services
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Extended Hours (858) 534-3300

Cost of Services - for registered students

​​​​Charges can be billed directly to student accounts unless paid by credit card at the time of service. Please note, "Fee-for-Service" charges for elective procedures and graduated students (for one​ quarter after graduation) will vary depending on services rendered. For information about Automated Billing to student accounts, see Billing.

Reciprocal Services for students from other UC campuses

All UC registered students are eligible to receive healthcare services at any UC Student Health Center systemwide.

  • Visiting UC SHIP enrolled students may receive all health center services at the same fees as a UC SHIP enrolled student registered on that campus.
  • Visiting students not enrolled in UC SHIP may receive all health center services at the same fees as non-UC SHIP students registered on that campus.

Costs are approximate and are subject to change - Fall 2018 through Spring 2019 

ServicesStudents with UC SHIP
Students with RAFTStudents without UC SHIP or RAFT
Primary Care Appt$0 $0 $39-159
Urgent Care Fee$20 $20 $20 + visit fee as above
Nurse Visit Fee$0 $0 $25
X-Ray Fee$0 $20
$37-121 each
Lab Tests$0 in-house* free, send outs varyin-house* $5-27, send​ outs vary
Lab Fee/Handling$0 $0 $15
Prescriptions$5/25/40 (generic/brand/off formulary) $7-500 (may fill at outside pharmacy to use own insurance)$7-500 (may fill at outside pharmacy to use own insurance)
Medical Equipment10% of cost full cost full cost
Acupuncture initial/follow up
Acupuncture - no show
$15 copay
Nutrition Counseling$0 $0 $20
Walk-in Pregnancy Testing$0
HIV Testing - 4th Gen. (Confidential)$0 $8.95-110$8.95-110 + $15 lab fee
Administrative Physical Exam
$66-99 + lab, other tests $66-99 + lab, other tests $66-99 + lab, other tests
Travel Nurse Immunization Review
Travel Nurse Visit$40 $40$60
Travel N.P. Health Clearance/no physical exam
$40 $40$55
Tuberculosis Skin Test$0 $10
$10 + $25 nursing visit fee
Pap Smear$0 $23-102
$23-102 + lab fee
No Show Fee$20 $20 $20

* NOTE: in-house labs include: CBC, urinalysis, pregnancy tests and most cultures.


ImmunizationsStudents with UC SHIPStudents without UC ​SHIP*
Students​ with RAFT             Students with RAFT
​​Hepatitis A (2 injs)$0.00$45.00 ea
Hepatitis B (3 injs)$0.00$50.00 ea
Twinrix - Hep A&B (3 injs)$0.00 $84.00 ea
HPV  Gardasil (3 injs)$0.00 (through age 27) $210.00 ea
Influenza$0.00 $25.00
Jap. Encephalitis (2 injs)**$0.00 $337.00 ea
MMR$0.00 $76.00
Meningococcal$0.00 $118.00
​Meningococcal-B ***$136-167​ (varies)$136.00 - 167.00
Polio (inj)$0.00 $36.00
PPD TB Skin Test$0.00$10.00
Prevnar 13
Tetanus, Diph., Pertussis$0.00$40.00
Typhoid (inj) **$0.00 $101.00
Typhoid (oral)  **$0.00 $50.00
Varicella (2 injs)$0.00 $139.00 ea
Yellow Fever  **$0.00 $160.00
Bexsero$167.00 $167.00

* Students without SHIP are charged $25 nursing visit fee in addition to vaccine charges and TB tests.​​​​

** Requires a Travel Clinic appointment.​

*** Requires a physician appointment.