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Student Health Services
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STI Testing

​​​​​​​​Student Health Services offers several options for STI Testing.

Self-Directed STI Testing

If you do not have symptoms, OR have not been exposed to an STI, you can get STI testing without an appointment. Simply go to the Student Health Services lab and complete an STI Order Form​. For walk-in STI testing, please arrive before 3:30 p.m.​

If you have symptoms or have been exposed (oral, anal, genital), please call your Primary Care Provider group or (858) 534-8089 to schedule an appointment.

Self-Directed STI testing is available every 3 months.

STI Tests Available to Order

  • Urine Chlamydia/Gonorrhea
  • Blood HIV
  • Blood RPR

Any other tests needed will require an appointment with your Provider.

Same-Day Appointment

If you have symptoms, concerns or questions, call (858) 534-8089 to request a same-day appointment. When you have symptoms, making a same-day appointment is important as specimens from affected sites may be needed.

General Appointments (not same-day)

You may also schedule an appointment to be screened for STIs. Call your Primary Care Provider group or (858) 534-8089 to schedule an appointment.


  • Test results will be available in 3–5 days.  A message about the results will be sent through your MyStudentChart.  You must register and activate MyStudentChart in order to receive a message about your results.  If you do not have a MyStudentChart account, you will need to pick up copies of your labs at Medical Records.
  • No actual lab results will be released.  If you wish to obtain a copy of your result, please submit a Medical Record Request through MyStudentChart. A Medical Record Request can be found after selecting Medical Records under the Health Tab.
  • Lab personnel cannot give you results.

We are required by law to report any diagnosis of Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or HIV to the Communicable Disease Office of the County Public Health Department.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no one test for all STIs. Each STI requires a different test and there are some STIs for which no practical screening test exists.

  • STIs identified by urine or swab:    ​Chlamydia / Gonorrhea
  • STIs identified by blood tests:        Hepatitis/ HIV & AIDS / Syphilis
  • STIs identified by visual exam:      Herpes / HPV (Genital Warts)​

No lab test is perfect, although each test has a low risk of false negativity (the test result being negative despite the actual presence of infection). In unusual instances, false positives may occur (the test results indicate infection where there actually is no infection).

​Testing in the Community

Find information about STI testing in the community.​

Have questions? 

Contact a Health Educator at
​(858) 822-0455.​