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Student Health Services
Library Walk (map)
(858) 534-3300


​​​​​​​​To give you more personal service, we are asking all students to choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) , and call their group directly to schedule appointments. If you don't already have a PCP, you can chose by calling (858) 534-8089. See About Us for profiles of our physician and nurse practitioner staff.

Remember to allow about one hour in the SHS clinic, including check in, visit with a provider, any labs, xray or pharmacy items.

If you must cancel a scheduled appointment, please do so at least 4 hours before the appointment time to avoid a "no show" fee.  Call the cancellation line directly at 858-534-1770.

Provider Locations

Group 1 (858) 534-2918

  • ​​Joseph Behymer, MD
  • Jonathan Walters, MD
  • Vivian Tso, MD
  • ​​

Group 2 (858) 822-5926

  • Judy Gaspar, NP
  • Monica Garcia, NP
  • Christine McNamara, RD

Group 3 (858) 534-5571

  • Steve Cowgill, MD 
  • Stacie San Miguel, MD (not accepting new patients)
  • Amol Doshi, MD
  • David Kersey, MD (CAPS Psychiatrist)
  • Stephanie Salo, Psy. D.  (CAPS Psychologist)
  • Morgan Anderson, Psy. D.(CAPS Psychologist)
  • ​Rosalyn Allina, LCSW  (Social Worker)

Group 4 (858) 534- 2​669​

  • Cristen Wall, MD 
  • Suzanne Ward, NP (Women's Health only)
  • ​Jan Pertschuk, NP
​ ​ ​

Central Scheduling

Appointments may be made by calling Central Scheduling at (858) 534-8089, or calling your selected group directly.

Courtesy Phone

Appointments can be scheduled at Student Health Service during business hours by using the scheduling phone in the east hallway, between Group 2 and the Lab.