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Hepatitis B for Incoming Students


Read the letter from the Director of Student Health Services outlining the steps you must take to comply with these requirements. Failure to comply can result in a hold being place​d on your student record, preventing any payments to your account. Late registration fees may be assessed, and if not in compliance by the end of second week of instruction, enrollment will be cancelled for the term.

Online forms for identifying Hep B vaccination compliance are available for all incoming students through My Application or through "Personal Tools" on MyTritonLink.​

Protect yourself - read the FAQs about Hep B vaccinatio​n and UCSD's requirements

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I started the Hepatitis B immunization series and submitted the online Hepatitis B Clearance form on MyApplication on time. Now, how do I prove that I have completed the series to avoid a future hold on my registration?

Once you have fulfilled the Hepatitis B requirement, log into MyTritonLink (for registered students), go to Personal Tools, Hepatitis B, to update your progress. You must submit the Hepatitis B Clearance form again by March 2016 indicating you have completed the series.

How long does it take to complete the series of shots?

Full immunization for Hepatitis B requires a series of 3 shots administered over a period of approximately 4-6 months. The second shot is due 1-2 months after the first, and the third shot is due 4-6 months after the first.

Example Schedule of Injections

If you start your first injection June 1:
Your second injection is due July 1 to August 1

Your third injection is due October 1 to December 1

If you start your first injection July 15 ** deadline to submit!
Your second injection is due August 15 - September 15
Your third injection is due November 15 - January 15

I got my second shot more than 2 months after the first. How long do I have to wait to get the third shot?

There must be at least 2 months between the second and third shots, and the third shot cannot be given sooner than 4 months after the first.

May I document my immunization by providing a note or other form from my healthcare provider?

No, you must complete the form.

Can I get the shots at UCSD Student Health Services?

Yes, incoming students may receive the immunizations at UCSD SHS. You must provide a letter of acceptance and proof of intent to register. All services provided prior to Fall Quarter are on a fee-for-service basis including Hepatitis B immunization. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign a Consent to Treat form before SHS may provide any services.

What is the cost of Hepatitis B immunizations?

The cost may vary. Check the Cost Page​ for current prices.  All charges will be billed to the student's UCSD account.

What if I cannot afford to pay for the immunizations?

Public Health may provide the vaccine.

I don't have records of when I received the vaccine doses. What can I do?

If you are unable to obtain your records, you will need to contact a physician who can perform a test to determine if you are already immune or still susceptible to the Hepatitis B virus. This test can also be performed at SHS (if you are a registered student or for incoming students with a letter of acceptance and proof of intent to register). The current fee for the blood test is $45.00 which includes nurse visit and lab fee (subject to change).

When must I submit the online Hepatitis B Clearance form to prevent a hold on my registration?​

You must submit the online Hepatitis B Clearance form provided on your checklist on MyApplication no later than July 15, 2015.

What will happen if I do not submit the online Hepatitis B Clearance form by July 15, 2015?

If you do not submit the Hepatitis B Clearance form on MyApplication by July 15, a registration hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering for classes for Fall Quarter. If you have begun the Hepatitis B immunization series (there are a sequence of three immunizations for Hep B), you must indicate this on the form and submit it online. Once you have completed all three shots, you must notify us by submitting another Hepatitis B Clearance Form found on the MyTritonLink page under Personal Tools, Hepatitis B. Once students enroll, they must use MyTritonLink to update their record.

What if I do not finish the series of shots by the end of Winter Quarter?

A hold will be placed on the student's record blocking the cashier from processing any payments to your account. Payments will be returned to sender. A late registration fee may be assessed. If you do not respond by the end of the second week of instruction, you will have all enrollments cancelled and will not be a student at UCSD for the term.


What if I'm not able to complete the form by the deadline?

Any delay in completing the form may result in a hold on your admission status and will prevent you from continuing in the enrollment/registration process.

If you have medically-related questions, call SHS at (858) 534-3300​. ​ All other questions should be directed to Admissions at (858) 534-4831.

If you need to complete the Hep B vaccine series, or need other immunizations, visit the Student Health Nurse's Clinic.


If you have medical questions related to the Hep B requirements, contact Student Health through the "Ask a Nurse" function at: http://​studenthealth.ucsd.edu.

All other Admissions-related questions should be directed to Admissions through My Application.