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Waiving UC SHIP

All registered students are automatically enrolled into the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).  Students who are currently covered under a private health plan and do not wish to be covered by UC SHIP may submit an online application to opt out of (waive) the UC SHIP.  The online Health Fee Waiver application will be available and accessible for the 2020-2021 academic year during the following periods:

Fall 2020

Waiver Period Open: 5/1/2020 through 9/1/2020.
Late fee of $50.00 if filed between 9/2/2020 through 9/9/2020.

Winter 2021

Waiver Period Open: 11/16/2020 through 12/20/2020.
Late fee of $50.00 if filed between 12/21/2020 through 12/30/2020.

Spring 2021

Waiver Period Open: 2/15/2021 through 3/5/2021.
Late fee of $50.00 if filed between 3/6/2021 through 3/12/2021.

  • Late waivers will be accepted through the late waiver deadline, subject to the $50.00 late waiver fee. 
  • Waivers will not be accepted after the late waiver deadline has passed. 
  • Waiving is an annual process and must be completed each new academic year to avoid being automatically enrolled into UC SHIP.

Waiving UC SHIP - What's New

UC SHIP and UCSD are making it easier and faster for students to complete the waiver process.  UCSD will partner with AHP (Academic Health Plan) to process our health fee waiver requests.  AHP will perform 100% overview of insurance coverage for submitted health fee waiver requests.  Beginning August 1, 2019, UCSD students seeking to waive UC SHIP coverage will be able to initiate their request and submit all documentation online through AHP's fully automated website.  For additional information regarding this announcement, please visit our UCOP website:  https://www.ucop.edu/ucship/waivers/index.html.

Make sure you qualify for the waiver.

To satisfy UC's health insurance requirement for enrolled students, the plan held by the student must meet all of the criteria listed on the 2020-2021 Waiver Criteria. To help you in gathering the required information from your own insurance plan, you may use thisWaiver Criteria .

If the plan does not meet ALL of the criteria, it does not qualify for the waiver and the student is not eligible to submit a waiver application. The student will be automatically enrolled in UC SHIP.

How to appeal a waiver denial

If you would like to file a health fee Waiver Appeal because you were denied, please print and complete the Waiver Appeal form. You can bring the form to the Insurance Office in the Student Health Clinic; fax it to 858-822-5910; or e-mail it to SHIP9@ucsd.edu.  Remember: Appeals are only accepted during an open waiver period.  

Before you decide to waive, review your options carefully

UC SHIP is a low-cost, comprehensive package designed to provide students with medical coverage anywhere in the world.  Only UC SHIP offers UC Family Network discounts for students to receive care at UC hospitals, affiliated facilities and professional providers.  Dental and Vision are included in the UC SHIP package. 

If you would like to waive out of UC SHIP, take a moment to watch this video and read about transferring your insurance coverage to San Diego.

If You Waive UC SHIP

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How do I apply for a waiver?

The online Health Fee Waiver application is only available through TritonLink during scheduled waiver periods. 

  1. Select "TritonLinkTools", then under FinancialTools, select "Health Fee Waiver".
  2. The "Health Fee Waiver" link will take you to your SSO, where you will log in.
  3. You will then be directed to the Health Fee Waiver questionnaire on the AHP website.
  4. Complete the insurance information and submit your Health Fee Waiver request.

TIP: If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation from AHP that your waiver was submitted, please contact AHP at (855) AHP CARE or call the UCSD Student Health Insurance Office at (858) 534-2124.

All waivers must be received prior to the waiver deadline date. No exceptions.

When can I apply for a waiver?

The online Health Fee Waiver can only be submitted during an open waiver period (see above chart). Transfer students, students who acquire new insurance coverage, and students who missed the previous waiver period, may apply for a waiver during the next scheduled waiver period to opt out of UC SHIP for the remainder of the academic year.

Waiver is done once per academic year. If your waiver was denied and you would like to have your waiver reconsidered for subsequent quarters of the current academic year, please visit TritonLink under Financial Tools and submit your corrected information directly to the AHP website.  You will receive e-mail correspondence regarding the status of your waiver.

Waiving is an annual process and must be completed each new academic year to avoid being automatically enrolled into UC SHIP.  Even if your insurance has not changed since the previous year, you are still required to submit a new waiver application.

I waived UC SHIP but I'm still being charged.

The Health Insurance Fee is charged to ALL students as a mandatory registration fee. If you applied for a waiver, you should see a charge for the Health Insurance Fee AND a credit for the waiver. If you do not see the credit, or if the credit was reversed, it is possible that any one of the following occurred: 

  • Your waiver was submitted during the previous academic year and you did not submit a new one this academic year.
  • You submitted a waiver and were selected for audit but did not respond to our request for insurance documentation.  As a result, your waiver was denied and the waiver credit was reversed.
  • You submitted a waiver but it was denied because it did not meet the waiver requirements.  As a result, your waiver credit was reversed.
  • Your waiver was approved, however a HOLD on your student account may have prevented the waiver from crediting the Health Insurance Fee. You must resolve the HOLD first and then contact the SHS Insurance office to have the waiver credit applied to your account.

How do I find out the status of my waiver?

Upon successful submission of your online application, you should receive an e-mail confirmation of submission. E-mail confirmation of current status comes directly from AHP.  Once an application is submitted, a tentative approval or denial is shown. If your application gets denied, you will have an opportunity to log back into the system and edit the original application.  

Once the application is accepted, AHP will review it for accuracy.  Please note: waivers are subject to 100% audit.  After audit is complete, the waiver status is moved from tentative approval to final approval, and e-mail confirmation is sent to the UCSD e-mail.  AHP connects with UCSD SHS to apply the waiver credit to your billing account.  

Can I cancel my waiver application?

If the coverage period (quarter) has not started, you may cancel your waiver by submitting the Waiver Cancellation form to enroll in the UC SHIP effective the first day of the quarter.

If the coverage period has already started, you may only cancel your waiver IF your other health insurance coverage has terminated. To cancel your waiver if your other coverage terminated, submit the Exception to Closed Enrollment form (and required documentation) to enroll in the UC SHIP as of the date your other coverage terminated.  SHS Insurance Office must receive notification within 31 days of the loss of other coverage. 

If I waived UC SHIP, may I still use Student Health Services?

All students who pay full registration fees are entitled to use SHS, regardless of insurance. For students who waive UC SHIP, there will be a fee for all services received at SHS. Please refer to Cost of Services. SHS is not a participating (i.e. in-network, preferred, etc.) provider with any insurance plan, and does not accept or bill private insurance.

If you think there is a possibility that you may use SHS even though you waived UC SHIP, it is recommended that you enroll in the Reduced Access Fee for Tritons (RAFT) program during the waiver process.  Students who enroll in RAFT have access to certain SHS services at no or low cost.  Refer to RAFT for more information about the program.

All charges incurred at SHS will be billed to the student's campus billing account if not paid for at the time of service.