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How to Waive UC SHIP 2017-2018

​​​​​​​​​​​​​If You Waive UC SHIP

Please review the 2017-2018 UCSHIP Waiver Criteria.  UC registered students are automatically enrolled in their campus-sponsored SHIP program with the option to apply to waive enrollment. 

Students with qualifying insurance plans must reapply to waive UCSHIP enrollment each Fall term. Please visit https://students.ucsd.edu; under the Tools section on right of screen. click Health Fee Waiver under 'Financial Tools.' 

  • Fall quarter waiver deadline is September 22, 2017 at midnight.  
  • Late waivers will be accepted through September 29, 2017, subject to a $50 late waiver fee.  
  • Waivers for fall quarter will not be accepted after September 29, 2017. 

Remember! Unless you have an approved waiver, you will be enrolled in UC SHIP and charged the premium on your tuition bill.

Review your options carefully. UC SHIP is a low-cost, comprehensive package designed to provide students with medical coverage anywhere in the world. Only UC SHIP offers UC Family network discounts for students to receive care at UC hospitals, affiliated facilities and professional providers. Dental and vision are included in the UC SHIP package.

If you do waive out of UC SHIP, please take a moment to read about transferring your insurance coverage to San Diego.

Students who complete a waiver application by the waiver deadline date(s) are not guaranteed to be approved and need to check their UCSD e-mail for notifications regarding their waiver.

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Waiver Periods - All Students:

Term    Waiver Period Opens    Waiver Deadline (no late fee)    Late Waiver Deadline
($50 late fee)
Fall 2017

Winter 201811/08/2017
Spring/Summer 20182/14/2018

How do I waive UC SHIP?

Students who have acceptable comparable insurance coverage may apply for a waiver to opt out of UC SHIP. The waiver application is available online through TritonLink during scheduled waiver periods (click on "TritonLink Tools", then under Financial Tools, click on "Health Fee Waiver"). Only one waiver per academic year may be processed through TritonLink.

If after entering all the required information you do not see the final screen 'UC SHIP WAIVER: COMPLETED', contact the Student Health Insurance Office prior to the waiver deadline to complete the waiver process.

If you are unable to access or complete the waiver application through TritonLink, contact the Student Health Insurance Office prior to the waiver deadline.

All waivers must be received prior to the waiver deadline date. No exceptions.

I can't access the Health Insurance Fee Waiver because I have a HOLD on my student account. What do I do?

You must resolve the hold before you will be able to complete the online Health Insurance Fee Waiver application. If you are unable to resolve the hold before the waiver deadline, you must contact the Student Health Insurance Office before the deadline to complete the waiver process. The waiver deadline will NOT be extended.

Do I have to waive each academic year?

Yes. Approved waivers are effective for the current academic year. If you wish to waive out of UC SHIP for subsequent academic years, a new waiver application will need to be submitted by the appropriate deadline each academic year.

Do I have to waive for the entire academic year?

Your waiver will be applied to the full academic year. You are required to maintain comparable health insurance at all times during the academic year, including summer. If your health coverage is terminated for any reason, you must notify the Student Health Services Insurance Office immediately to be enrolled in UC SHIP.

Does my insurance qualify for the waiver?

To satisfy UC's health insurance requirement for enrolled students, the plan held by the student must meet all of the criteria listed on the 2017-2018 Waiver Criteria form.

If the plan does not meet ALL of the criteria, it does not qualify for the waiver and the student is not eligible to submit a waiver application. The student will be automatically enrolled in UC SHIP​.

I waived UC SHIP. Why am I now being charged the Health Insurance Fee for UC SHIP?

The Health Insurance Fee is charged to ALL students as a mandatory registration fee. If you applied for a waiver, you should see a charge for the Health Insurance Fee AND a credit for the waiver. If you do not see the credit, or if the credit was reversed, it is possible that any one of the following occurred:

  • Your waiver was submitted during the previous academic year.
  • You submitted a waiver and were selected for audit but did not respond to our request for insurance documentation. As a result, your waiver credit was reversed.
  • You submitted a waiver but it was denied because it did not meet the waiver requirements. As a result, your waiver credit was reversed.
  • Your waiver was approved, however a hold on your student account may have prevented the waiver from crediting the Health Insurance Fee.

Contact the Student Health Insurance Office to discuss the status of your waiver.

How do I know if my waiver was approved?

It is your responsibility to check your official UCSD e-mail to verify the status of your waiver. Upon successful submission of your application via TritonLink, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming that your request has been transmitted. A second e-mail will be sent within 5 business days to let you know if your waiver has been approved or selected for audit.

If selected for audit, failure to respond to the audit notification will result in your waiver being denied and the Health Insurance Fee credit being reversed.

If you do not receive the e-mail notifications, it is your responsibility to contact the Student Health Insurance Office to discuss your waiver.

I waived UC SHIP because I have private insurance. Can I still use Student Health Services?

All students who pay full registration fees are entitled to use SHS, regardless of insurance. For students who waive UC SHIP, there will be a fee for all services received at SHS. Please refer to Cost of Services. SHS is not a participating (i.e. in-network, preferred, etc.) provider with any insurance plan, and does not accept or bill private insurance.

All charges incurred at SHS will be billed to the student's campus billing account if not paid for at the time of service. You may obtain an itemized bill for SHS services by clicking on On-Line Services.

What if I waived UC SHIP, but no longer have comparable coverage?

All students who waive out of UC SHIP are required to maintain effective health insurance coverage at all times during the approved waiver period.

If your insurance coverage terminates, you must contact the Student Health Insurance Office immediately to be enrolled into UC SHIP for the remainder of the academic year. You will be required to complete the Exception to Closed Enrollment form.

I previously waived out of UC SHIP for the entire academic year, but now I want UC SHIP coverage for the remaining quarter(s). Can I cancel my waiver even if I still have other insurance?

Unless your other insurance coverage terminates (see previous question), you may not cancel a waiver for the current quarter. If you wish to cancel your waiver for subsequent quarters, you must complete the SHIP Waiver Cancellation Form and submit it to the SHS Insurance Office prior to the first day of the quarter.