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Student Health Insurance Plan 2018-2019 - Changes

​​​​​​​​​​UC San Diego's ongoing commitment to provide quality health insurance coverage for our students has resulted in changes to the Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) beginning with Fall quarter 2018.

New Enrollment Administrator - effective Winter 2019

Effective Winter 2019, Academic Health Plans (AHP) will be the new UCSHIP enrollment administrator, replacing USI Insurance Services*. Contact AHP to enroll in the UCSHIP voluntary coverage for non-registered (Graduated, Leave of Absence, Filing Fee) students and/or dependents. 

AHP e-mail contact: UCSHIP@AHPservice.com or call 855-428-0730. 

*for enrollment questions pertaining to Fall 2018 or prior quarters, call USI at 800-853-5899.

Mobile App for SHIP

Beginning August 2015, UC SHIP replaced paper insurance cards with the new StudentHealth app (by Mobile Health Consumer).  Download the mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store (search "studenthealth"). More instructions for downloading the new UC SHIP​ app here.

Premiums 2018-2019 (Health Insurance Fee)

  • Undergraduate Students: $657.00 per quarter
  • Graduate and Professional Students: $1203 per quarter

The Health Insurance Fee is charged separately for Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019 quarters​. The Health Fee for Spring quarter includes coverage through the Summer break, up to the start of Fall quarter.

Prescription Coverage

There are no changes to the prescription benefits for 2018-2019.  

Medical Coverage

The following changes are for the Anthem Blue Cross Medical Plan for 2018-2019.

Transgender benefits:  Coverage has been expanded to include certain procedures.  Refer to the UC SHIP Benefits booklet for details regarding benefits.

MentalHealth/Substance Abuse benefits

For in-network MHSA inpatient facility charges:

  • Current benefit: $500 copay per admission plus 20% coinsurance (after $500 deductible for non-UC Family)
  • New benefit:  $500 copay per admission plus 5% coinsurance (deductible waived)

For in-network inpatient professional charges:

  • Current benefit: 20% coinsurance (after deductible)
  • New benefit: 5% coinsurance (after $500 deductible for non-UC Family

De​​ntal Coverage

There are no changes to the Delta Dental Plan for 2018-2019.

Vision Coverage

There are no changes to the Anthem Blue View Vision Plan for 2018-2019.