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Student Health Services
Library Walk (map)
Extended Hours (858) 534-3300

Hours and Location

STUDENT HEALTH IS OPEN!  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, following are SHS hours of operation for these services:

Lab, X-Ray, Pharmacy, Urgent Care, Nurses Clinic, and Groups 1, 2, 4:

Mon-Weds  8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Thursday  9:00 am-4:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm

We are encouraging all sick patients to call 858-534-3300 or contact the SHS Advice Nurse through MyStudentChart before coming in, or if you have questions.  This is free to any UCSD student regardless of insurance. We encourage students with mild illnesses (no fever or shortness of breath) to stay at home and socially distance themselves until they feel better. If you do visit Student Health, there is a separate entrance for patients without fever or respiratory symptoms.

If you want to be tested for COVID 19

If you HAVE symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, body aches, loss of smell, sore throat, congestion or diarrhea) :

    • Isolate until 10 days after your symptoms started
    • If you want to be tested, wait until you have had symptoms for 72 hours, then you can come in for testing

If you have no symptoms but have had contact with a positive case (both without face covering, less than 6 feet apart for 10 minutes):

    • You must isolate for 14 days total
    • If you want to be tested, wait 4 days after the contact with the positive case
    • Call 858 534-3300 to set up testing

Video Visits with SHS Providers

You have the option of using MyChart Video Visit which allows you to have a virtual appointment with a provider using your smart phone or tablet through the MyChart App. Instructions are here.


UC SHIP allows us to write refills for a 90 day supply for SHIP patients now and through the Spring Quarter. Please contact your PCP through MyStudentChart or call our SHS Pharmacy at 858-534-2135 to ask for refills. We can also ship prescriptions to house or apartment addresses in California by Fed Ex or UPS.  We can also send prescriptions to outside pharmacies.  Please give us 24-48 hours to process your prescription request.


Patients will still need a referral from SHS to cover any Primary Care or Specialty visits outside of SHS.  No referrals are needed for Emergency Room or Urgent Care visits. Please contact your PCP through MyStudentChart or call our SHS Insurance  at 858-534-2124 to ask for referrals.  Please give us 72 hours to process your referral request.  We do not write retroactive referrals.

Lab Results and Medical /Records

Patients can request copies of medical records and lab results through MyStudentChart.  Records are sent electronically to students within 1-3 days through MyStudentChart.

If you have medical questions, you can always message your assigned PCP or the SHS Advice Nurse through MyStudentChart with your questions.  We will do our best to answer your questions the same day if they are sent during

​​After Hours Medical Advice Line​

We have an After Hours Medical Advice Line available. Any time Student Health Services is closed, you can call our main telephone number 858-534-3300 and select option #1,  After Hours Advice, to speak with a registered nurse who will assist you in obtaining the appropriate care.


Student Health Services

Student Health Services is located on Library Walk, west of the Price Center, south of Geisel Library.

Parking at SHS

SHS has very few patient parking spaces. The spaces we have are designated for severely ill or injured patients. The front desk will issue a patient parking pass when necessary.​ Students without serious health conditions are not eligible to use these spaces.

Most often there are no available parking spaces at SHS. Therefore, if you must come to SHS by car, please have a friend drop you off, and then ​pick you up after your visit at SHS.

Contact Student Health

Telephone: 858-534-3300 

General Questions: E-mail: studenthealth@ucsd.edu (do not include personal or health information)

Medical Questions: If you have medical questions, please go to MESSAGES in your student health portal https://shs.ucsd.edu and select "Ask-A-Nurse" (this is a secure form of communication). You will receive notification of a response through your UCSD e-mail account. Remember to check your UCSD e-mail frequently.

Mail Address:
UCSD Student Health Services (0039)
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0039


Service animals specifically trained to assist a person with a disability are welcome in the UCSD Student Health Services. In order to help maintain a pleasant, productive and safe environment for all patients and staff, service animals must be in the physical proximity of their handler and under handler control at all times.  Service animals may not be left unattended by their handler at any time.

No other animals, including pets, emotional support animals, or therapy animals are allowed.

UCSD SHS staff are permitted to ask patients with service animals to leave or reschedule their appointment if the service animal is disruptive or interferes with the operations of our health care organization. UCSD SHS staff are permitted to ask patients with pets or emotional support animals to leave.  We will reschedule the patient's appointments when the patient can return without the pet or emotional support animal.

UCSD SHS providers/staff will not write letters of support for emotional support animals.