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Our FREE 50-minute Sexual Health Info Session provides comprehensive information on sexual health topics including birth control options, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safer sex, and more.

All students are encouraged to attend a session, and it is required for women prior to their first women's exam, STI screening, or for first-time birth control prescription. Sessions will take place via Zoom – please visit to sign-up.

NOTE:  In accordance with campus guidelines for COVID-19, no in-person sessions will be held until May 10th unless otherwise instructed. If none of the scheduled Zoom sessions work for your schedule, please complete the online session below.

Online Session

During quarter breaks, finals and summer, students can view the Sexual Health Info Session online. You may access the presentation here. There is a post-test linked within the presentation.  Please complete the post-test and bring it with you to your next appointment. 


Speak with a Health Educator at 858-822-0455.