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CARRS & High Stakes Seminars

CARRS (Campus Alcohol Risk Reduction Seminar) and High Stakes Seminars are 90-minute sessions facilitated by Health Educators from Health Promotion Services. To fulfill your CARRS requirement, you must register and attend one of the seminars listed below.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, CARRS and High Stakes seminars in spring quarter will be via Zoom and password protected. 

How to Register​

To attend a seminar, choose one of the dates below and e-mail the following information to . You will receive a confirming e-mail with instructions how to connect with Zoom. 

  • Your name 
  • PID #
  • College 
  • Who referred you 
  • Date you will attend

If you register and are unable to attend, e-mail to cancel:, or you will be charged the "no show" fee of $10.00.


Upon attendance, your student account will be charged the seminar fee of $55​.00.

Scheduled Dates - CARRS 

Email to setup a 1-1 appointment

Scheduled Dates - HIGH STAKES 

Email to setup a 1-1 appointment