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Tritons in Motion

Tritons in Motion (TIM) is a FREE program for registered UC San Diego students sponsored by Health Promotion Services and the Student Health Advocates.

Join our program to help you be more physically active while meeting new friends. Whether it's participating in a Recreation program together or walking the hiking trails at Torrey Pines State Park, Tritons in Motion will match you with other UCSD students who share the same activity interests. 

How to join Tritons in Motion

Once we find a match, an SHA will meet with you and your new TIM buddy/ies at your first meeting. You'll receive TIM swag and get ideas of fun activities to do on campus and around San Diego.

After the first meeting, it will be up to you and your TIM buddy/ies to continue meeting up to work out together and try new activities.

Join our Facebook group for more fitness tips​​.

Plus, learn more about our Tim Challenges here!