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Online Education

Sexual Health Workshops


Online versions of our workshops are available for use in lieu of in-person workshops. Health Promotion staff are also available to present the content to your group via Zoom; this would allow us to answer questions in real-time. For questions or scheduling, please email



·    Birth Control Basics – this workshop is a crash course in all things birth control. Learn about different types, effectiveness and their availability at Student Health Services.


·   Frisky, Not Risky – this workshop addresses risk by sexual activity, when to get tested and how to prevent STIs through barrier methods!

General Health Presentations 

These online versions of our educational workshops are available for your use.  We are also able to present to your groups via Zoom which will facilitate answering questions in real-time.  Contact for scheduling or questions:

  • Your Well-being at UC San Diego - This workshop will encompass the various dimensions of well-being and practical skills to help you in your well-being journey.
  • Aim to Reframe: Stress -  This workshop aims to reframe the way you think about stress! By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding of stress, stress management techniques, and strategies for reframing the way you view stress. You will also have an increased awareness about campus resources that are geared towards improving your health and well-being! This presentation can be viewed independently, or a HPS staff member can present it live to individuals or groups.  

Don't Cancel That Class!

 Are you faculty or staff who can't make it to a class and are considering canceling it? Don't Cancel That Class!  Rather than cancelling your class, bring in Health Promotion Services to do programming and take advantage of your valuable class time! If you know about your absence at least seven days in advance, complete the form below to request a substitute program. For more information email: Link to reservation form:

Health Promotion Services Online Programs for Spring 2020!