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College Sleep Questionnaire

Learn more about your personal sleep patterns? 

Take the College Sleep Questionnaire (CSQ): . This is an anonymous 10-minute online assessment that measures nine parameters of sleep and provides practical advice on how to improve sleep. 

At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a tailored report of your results. You can take the report with you if you make an appointment to see a CAPS or medical provider.  See a sample of the Questionnaire results here.

Want to win a Sun God Says t-shirt?

  1. Take the CSQ and email a snapshot of your certificate of completion to and let us know that you are participating in the contest.
  2. Get 3 of your friends to take the 10-minute College Sleep Questionnaire (CSQ)! 
  3. Ask them to email with a screenshot of their certificate of completion along with YOUR name.
  4. We will email you when you reach your goal and provide instructions to pick up your shirt.

Feel free to print this flyer CSQ flyer and give it to your friends! They can also participate by asking 3 of their friends to take the CSQ and follow the same instructions above.