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Certified Peer Health Education

We are currently accepting applications for Certified Graduate Peer Health Educators

The Certified Peer Health Educators are current undergraduate and graduate students at UCSD who facilitate peer-to-peer dialogue and learning on a variety of health and wellness topics aimed at promoting life-long behaviors that support health, self-growth, and meaningful connection. Certified Peer Health Educators receive in-depth training and work closely with HPS staff as they grow their competencies and skills in health promotion and prevention work.

The workshops that Certified Peer Health Educators facilitate are interactive, engaging, and meant to promote learning and dialogue amongst students in a peer-driven setting. Workshops can be requested for UCSD students by anyone- faculty, staff, students, registered student organizations, departments, etc.

Certified Peer Health Educators are an essential component of health promotion in HPS and in the campus community, and often have the largest impact on improving the health and well-being of students by working in partnership with other students and organizations. We facilitate workshops, organize awareness campaigns, and host events aimed at developing life-long behaviors for health and well-being.

What Does CPE Training Include?

CPE is a comprehensive, 12-hour foundation training suitable for any collegiate peer education group. This training is broken up into 8 distinct modules. The course can be taught during a training over a long weekend, or throughout a semester as part of a course. The modules and skillsets that your students will develop include:

  • Understanding the Power, Roles, and Characteristics of Quality Peer Educators
  • Affecting and Understanding "Change Making" as a Peer Educator
  • Being an Effective Listener as a Peer Educator
  • A Peer Educator's Role in Responding to Crisis
  • Bystander Intervention as a Peer Education Technique
  • Intrapersonal Applications of Identity as a Peer Educator
  • Putting the "Educator" in Peer Educator
  • Group Development and Moving Forward

Some of the benefits of being a Certified Peer Health Educator for HPS would include:

  • Receiving training to become a nationally certified Peer Health Educator
  • Attending retreats, trainings, assemblies, and/or conferences with peers from all over the country
  • Learning more about students, faculty, and staff while simultaneously gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others like them
  • Leading the development and implementation of Health and Wellness Campaigns
  • Hosting Alternative Late Night Events
  • Gaining Co-curricular Record credit

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Peer Health Educator, please fill out the form below or email

Link to application: