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UPDATE on CAPS Services for Spring 2020


As our University community face together the containment of COVID 19, CAPS will be here for you. We remain fully committed to delivering quality counseling and consultation services. CAPS Central remains open, mental health providers are providing support via tele-visits and urgent care.  The CAPS Referral Center will assist connecting our students to local providers in their area of residency.  We will be posting updates at the CAPS website: caps.ucsd.edu.   For now, please know:

  • CAPS IS FULLY OPERATIONAL and will remain available for business with added flexibilities of hours. Mental health providers embedded at the colleges and other units on campus will telecommute and deliver services via tele-visits or phone.  Check MyChart as needed to communicate with your mental health provider.
  • CAPS Central Office at Galbraith Hall 190 will remain available for urgent care visits during regular hours- M-F from 8:00AM to 4:30PM.  Please call CAPS Central before arrival:  858-534-3755.  After Business Hours. please call the same number and select option 2.
  • Current student clients staying near campus: We are moving all scheduled session to Tele-Mental health or phone counseling. Reach out to your own provider to assist with any urgent need via MyChart.
  • New to our services: Please call 858-534-3755 to schedule a Brief Tele Assessment to start working together.
  • If you have an active prescription with us Please keep your next follow up appointment though you should contact your psychiatrist via MyChart or by phone at 858-534-3755  to convert your meeting to a televisit.   Let your psychiatrist know if you need a refill -- you may not need to have a visit in order to have a refill authorized. If you are leaving the area, please contact your Psychiatrist to talk through the situation.   For all other inquires about medication, please call 858-534-3755 so we direct your concern to the right person.  
  • If you are leaving the area, contact your psychiatrist and next steps can be discussed at that time. You do not need to see your psychiatrist before leaving campus to have your prescriptions refilled. If you are leaving the country, please contact your Psychiatrist via MyChart to talk through the situation.  For all other inquires about medication, please call 858-534-3755 to assist you.