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 Referral Services

Referrals to Outside Providers

CAPS offers referral services to students who would be best helped by longer term care, or for those with chronic mental health problems. Please click on the Tabs on this page to search for SHIP UCSD Health System and Anthem providers.

For students with the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP):

  • Your counselor will write a referral to receive services with an outside mental health provider.
  • Your counselor will provide you with several names from providers within the SHIP network. You will need to select a provider and inform your CAPS counselor as soon as possible.
  • If you select a therapist outside the SHIP network of providers, you may incur higher out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your referral is valid one year from the date of the original referral. You may request renewals should you need additional treatment beyond one year. It is recommended that you contact CAPS to write a renewal BEFORE your original referral has expired. This will reduce any gaps between referrals and reduce possible out-of-pocket expenses.
  • For more information about SHIP and mental health coverage, please go to the SHS Insurance page or contact the Insurance Office at (858)534-2124.

For students without SHIP:

  • CAPS does not write referrals for students who do not have SHIP.
  • Your counselor will work with you to coordinate a referral based on your private insurance guidelines.
  • You will need to obtain your insurance coverages and processes for mental health and discuss these with your CAPS counselor. This information can often be found on your insurer's website.

Instructions for Anthem Provider Search

  • Open the Anthem Provider Directory at https://www.anthem.com/health-insurance/provider-directory/searchcriteria
  • Under the Search as a Guest, Select Search by a Plan or Network. This will take you to Find a Doctor.
  • What type of Care are you searching for? Select Medical
  • What state do you want to search in? Select California
  • Select a plan/network: – Scroll down a long menu to Medical – (Employer-Sponsored)
  • Select Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) – Large Group, then click Continue
  • I am looking for: Doctor/Medical Professional
  • Who specializes in: Select Psychology or Psychiatry
  • Located near: enter Zip Code Within distance of : defaults to 20 miles but you can change that.
  • Then click Search.

Once you identify a provider that you are interested in seeing, please call them directly to verify that they are indeed on the SHIP panel. Then you can schedule an appointment or initial consultation if they are taking new clients, and let me know which provider you have selected.

If you want to use your insurance, please remember it is your responsibility to verify and understand your insurance coverage and what your out-of-pocket costs will be. After attending your appointment, please call me to confirm if you plan to continue with the same provider for ongoing care.

If you are using the UCSD SHIP Insurance Panel and have questions, you can contact the UCSD Student Health Insurance Office at (858) 534-42124. You will also need to sign an acknowledgment form that outlines information, such as copays and referral information.

Please note that your SHIP referral will no longer be valid 1) if it expires, 2) the number of visits specified is expended or 3) you change providers from those specified. If you need continued treatment when your referral becomes invalid, please contact your referring CAPS psychologist prior to incurring any additional charges, or you will be responsible for paying the entire amount billed. Retroactive referrals are not available for charges incurred without a concurrent valid referral.