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CAPS Flourishing Initiative

Tritons Flourish


Tritons Flourish is an extension of CAPS’ Vision to “promote the individual and collective mental health and well-being of the student as ‘whole person’ embedded in a social context.” We manifest this vision through preventative and clinical services, outreach initiatives, and community building. Working to remove systemic barriers provides culturally responsive clinical services to the UCSD community, which allows us to reach underserved and historically underrepresented students. We facilitate structural competency by offering access to services in new and innovative ways. As advocates for social justice, we promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. We support the development of student leaders to cultivate their voice and create positive change on campus and in the world.


The Tritons Flourish Initiative is an implementation of CAPS essential function of promoting well-being and flourishing. With a focus on primary prevention and culturally relevant interventions, our mission is to promote the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and intellectual well-being of our students, the UCSD community, and ourselves. We facilitate the optimization of student functioning in all areas of their lives in order to promote personal growth, foster academic success, maximize retention, and develop well-rounded contributors to a global society.

“Flourish” as defined by the Tritons Flourish Team

You might be asking yourself, “What does ‘flourish’ mean?” or “What does ‘flourishing’ look like?” You might even be asking, “How can I flourish, when I’m just struggling to get by day to day?” The Tritons Flourish team recognizes that “flourishing” looks different to different people. It’s not the absence of hardship, the denial of reality, pretending that everything is okay, or being tolerant of things that are unjust. Flourishing is intentionally and consistently using your personal resources and coping skills, even in the midst of challenging times. Flourishing is about how you respond to hardships so that you can get where you want to be!

Tritons Flourish by:
- Recognizing, building, and utilizing their strengths
- Connecting with others and developing a sense of belonging
- Finding regular experiences that create positive emotion
- Discovering their passions and interests
- Engaging in something that gives meaning and a sense of purpose
- Feeling a sense of accomplishment
- Being compassionate to themselves and others
- Building resiliency to get through tough times
- Developing “grit” to stick with long-term goals
- Redefining “failure” and having the courage to be imperfect
- Practicing regular self-care (e.g., healthy sleep, eating, and exercise)

As you can see, learning to “flourish” is a high level academic and personal success tool. “Flourishing” is a sustainable approach to life that can be used to help you through graduation and life beyond UCSD.

In what ways are you already flourishing? What might be one goal you could set to help you flourish at UCSD?

CAPS Wellness Peer Educators are a group of undergraduate students who provide outreach and education about mental health and well-being. You can request a program through their 9-part “Tritons Flourish Workshop Series” for your campus group by visiting: https://wellness.ucsd.edu/CAPS/programs/Pages/peer.aspx .